Will a Ban on Trophy Hunting Help?

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Trophy Hunting

Recently, the government has been caught between showdowns from parties vouching for a ban on trophy hunting and those against it. People supporting their opinion make a strong case of why trophy hunting should or should not be banned. Our association with animals makes our opinion lean towards whichever choice would be better for the… Read more »

Effects of Climate change

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Climate change

The climate change crisis is turning worse year after year. Droughts, storms, heat waves and the rising sea levels are signs of the crisis. News related to such problems have been a common occurrence around the world. In July this year, a hailstorm caught the residents of Guadalajara by surprise. People in the city had… Read more »

Africa’s wildlife has suffered irreversible commodification

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Africa’s wildlife

Africa is known for its vast lands brimming with wild animals that can freely roam around the place. But is this true? Africa’s wildlife is threatened by poachers as well as legal traders. Animal protectors around the world have been rallying for higher conservation efforts in the continent. This is because wildlife in Africa has… Read more »