Why Everyone Should Have an Aquarium?

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Importance of aquarium

Aquariums offer more benefits than simply beautifying your living room. Some cultures also consider fishes to bring luck and wealth. There are several benefits of having an aquarium at home, which you are probably unaware of. It can be therapeutic, educational, and stress buster, and more. It is proven that aquariums can relieve depression and… Read more »

How is Madagascar – One of The Most Biodiverse Regions on Earth – Affected by the COVID-19 Pandemic?

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Madagascar affected by COVID-19

For a long time, Madagascar has been an economically poor and politically unstable nation. When President Andry Rajoelina assumed office in January 2019, he envisioned a transformation for the country. One of the biggest sources of revenue for the government would have been tourism. How has the pandemic impacted Madagascar’s economy? By using Madagascar’s biodiversity,… Read more »

How to help kids connect with animals without getting a pet?

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Children are fascinated by animals. They always want a closer look at the squirrels in the park or to shake hands with the friendly neighborhood dog. Some children are just curious about pets, while others long to become pet parents. Here are a few ways to help kids connect with animals without getting a pet:… Read more »

What is a zoonotic disease?

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zoonotic disease

In the wake of the recent Coronavirus outbreak, the world has become more aware of the risks of zoonotic disease. People around the world are questioning the presence of wildlife trade for human consumption. Many countries are now planning stringent measures to address illegal trade and wildlife poaching. So, as we try to fight this… Read more »

How are animals affected by the COVID-19 lockdown?

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COVID-19 lockdown

COVID-19 has been a big blow for countries around the world. As economies reach a standstill and lockdowns are increasing in many areas, animals are responding to the changes too. Social media posts show how animals are returning to cityscapes and reclaiming their space. Many people see this as a sign of how nature has… Read more »

How Animal Therapy is Supporting the Healthcare Industry

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How Animal Therapy is Supporting the Healthcare Industry

In the year 1931, George Mottershead founded the Chester Zoo. Today, it is one of UK’s largest zoos. The BBC drama named, ‘Our Zoo’ was based on Mottershead’s life and how he founded the zoo. It discusses the emotional support that Mottershead found in animals. Mottershead had returned from World War I and suffered from… Read more »

Biodiversity loss-Technologies work to solve this problem

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biodiversity loss

As animal lovers, we have always been vocal about the importance of saving the environment. In fact, environment conservation is one of our favorite discussions. Most of our animal workshops include educating children about conservation efforts. So, when we came across these ways in which technology is helping the environment from biodiversity loss, we had… Read more »

New Take of Fashion on Reducing Carbon Footprint

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Fashion New Take on Reducing Carbon Footprint

The fashion industry is all about impactful photography and glossy pages. Capturing audience attention is so important for these magazines that they achieve this at the cost of extensive resources. This is especially the case for the fall issue. Fall brings in the season for new lines of clothing. Fashion houses and magazines are geared… Read more »

The Problem with Greenwashing

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You would notice several brands that claim to be ‘pure and natural’ or use words like ‘organic’ and ‘eco-friendly’. Many of you would even buy something with such a tag over a product that does not promise environment-friendliness. But do brands really live up to their promise? Let us learn why brands choose to greenwash… Read more »

Celebrating the holiday season with an animal party

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animal party

We’ve recently been discussing holiday gifting in the team and we’ve realized how important it is to find the right gift for our loved ones. Sustainability and eco-friendliness were two terms that were often brought up in our discussion. We are glad that a lot of people are taking the necessary step of considering the… Read more »